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Living your personal-life and work-life the way you want to can often feel like an either-or-decision. We don’t want it to be, nor does not have to be because we are here to help. Founded in 2009 to support small business and entrepreneurial ventures, Just In Time Direction has grown into a mature organization dedicated to the needs of business owners and all others who are overwhelmed by their own success. We have a strong and cohesive on-site team and a community of vetted freelancers and small businesses whose expertise spans many areas. We are ready to use this expertise to help you meet and exceed your business goals. We can assist you with short-term projects, long-term projects, on-going tasks, or consult with you on making lasting productivity and process improvements for your company.

Our Values

Collaboration: We work together to maximize each other’s strengths, respect each other’s perspectives, and assure that each other’s weaknesses are irrelevant.

Transparency: Our actions are aligned and consistent with our stated intentions and support the personal and professional standards we profess in achieving satisfying, profitable and mutually beneficial goals.

Integrity and Professionalism: We reflect positively on the organization and inspire trust by delivering on commitments, adhering to an unswerving moral code, and demonstrating dedication and dignity through our work, demeanor, and practices.

Freedom: We are unencumbered by obligations, fears, prejudices, or habits as we joyfully choose our best next steps and respect the sacred right of others to discern their own path. We are proactive and resilient in managing multiple workplace and home life demands and are actively pursuing the life we desire.

A Results Orientation: Alert and responsive to changing conditions, we support the best interests of this community in order to achieve dynamic levels of success. 

Our Services

Virtual Executive Assistant

Calendar Management


Appointment Confirmation

Inbox Management


Database Management

Project Management

Project Coordination


Client Billing

Digital Content Services

Curate Content

Edit Documents

Format Newsletters & Blogs

Post for Social Media

Business & Lifestyle Concierge Services

Facilitation Services

Certification Support

Organizing & Decluttering

Special Event Videos


“When I started my company, my revenue was fairly small. However, after working with Just In Time Direction, I was able to concentrate on the most important matters and increase my revenue by over 10x on an accrual basis.” -NFP Strategy Consultant

“Just In Time Direction pushed me to make changes I didn’t know I needed, and helped me create a real product.” -Owner, Online-Marketing company

“The structure of Just In Time Direction is very helpful. I appreciate the support of this well-educated, forward-thinking and fun group.” -President, Wellness Company

“My business relies on customer service, and you guys helped me achieve that.” -President, IT company

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