Partners for a Reason, a Season or More…

Pair of Chairs


In Chicago last week, I was reminded of the interconnected web that supports us.  For me, the week started with a slip on the ice and a broken wrist.  At first, I was flooded with feelings of powerlessness.  Actually, at first I ignored the lifeless hand and iced it and hoped it would get better, then the moment came when I just had to face facts. As the very wise children’s book entitled, We’re Going On a Bear Hunt by Margaret Wise Brown states so eloquently, “You can’t go around it, have to go through it.”  Sometimes realizing that is the hardest!

During the week of the polar vortex in Chicago, some things were brought to light. Just In Time Direction was open every day answering phones for those we support.  The web of interdependence in all of our lives was almost visible.

Just in Time Direction is built on the model of providing what you need as needed.  Sometimes it’s as simple as answering phones on a snowy day, or when you are out on calls. Maybe you want to take an uninterrupted vacation, or you want to brainstorm about a business issue you don’t have the skill set to address efficiently.

Or the relationship can be a partnership that lasts for years and provides our customers with what they need as they focus on the growth of their business.  We believe in teams and interdependence and using our strengths to get traction for our customers.  One of our best customers has grown her business to 10 times its original size since we started working together.  Through weekly check-in calls and knowing she has the resources she needs, she can confidently create a strong brand in her industry, and she gets from us what she needs when she needs it.  Our greatest satisfaction comes from watching our customers grow their businesses in ways they likely could not have done without us in their corner.

The first step is identifying what you need when you need it, and sometimes the independent spirit that allowed taking the leap to start a business can be the biggest barrier to growth.   Sometimes nature, sometimes in the form of a Polar Vortex, helps us to see more clearly how we are all connected.