Overwhelmed? Are you at the end of “Do It Yourself”?

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Overwhelmed?  Are you at the end of ‘Do it Yourself’? 

3 Reasons to Get Help with your Business


Do you ever feel like you must be an expert at every aspect of your business?

Do you ever postpone tasks because you’d rather poke your eyes out than do them?

Do you find yourself taking way too much time to complete a task?

If you’ve ever felt any of the above, here are 3 reasons why it’s truly a great idea to find someone else to help you:

  • complete tasks that are outside your area of expertise
  • complete tasks that you avoid
  • complete tasks that take too much of your time.
  1. Increased Productivity – Let’s face it.  All of us have skills that we’re good at and some that we clearly are not.  While it is admirable to keep improving our skill sets, we do NOT have to be good at every aspect of our business.   Trying to do it all is unrealistic and time consuming and may get in the way of addressing your real priorities and goals.   Wouldn’t it be a relief to focus your time doing what you’re good at?  When you hand off tasks (accounting, invoicing, social media, email management, PowerPoint development, editing, call management), you can be supported in ways that allow you to dedicate your time and energy on what will advance your life or business in the direction of your goals.
  1. Increased Satisfaction – When you spend time doing tasks you’re good at, your enjoyment escalates.  That’s it!  If you’re the creative one, the networker, the planner, for example, getting help “packaging, fine tuning, or finishing” the materials frees you to enjoy the creative process but not the details.  Imagine having the ideas about your work but giving them to someone else to complete and polish.  Working with a staff gives you the joy of know that you can spend time doing what you love.
  1. Decreased Pressure – When you get rid of the expectation that you should be able to do it all, the result is so freeing! You don’t have to know all the details of Excel, QuickBooks, social media, PowerPoint, Adobe, Word, etc.  With someone else tracking and organizing your email, for example, a heavy task is lifted from your shoulders.  It’s still getting done, but you’re not the one tied to it.  You’re free to generate more ideas, more networking, more income, and more accomplishments in both your personal and business life—all of this with a feeling of being supported.

If you’d like to experience more productivity, more satisfaction and less pressure in your day-to-day life, please contact us.  We’ll help you figure out where you may be spinning your wheels trying to do it all, and together, we can help you focus on leveraging your time and unique super powers to grow your business.