Our Values


We work together to maximize each other’s strengths, respect each other’s perspectives, and assure that each other’s weaknesses are irrelevant.

Create Shared Success

We strive to achieve satisfying, profitable and mutually beneficial goals.


Our actions are aligned and consistent with our stated intentions and support the personal and professional standards we profess.

Integrity and Professionalism

We reflect positively on the organization and inspire trust by delivering on commitments, adhering to an unswerving moral code, and demonstrating dedication and dignity through our work, demeanor, and practices.


We are unencumbered by obligations, fears, prejudices, or habits as we joyfully choose our best next steps and respect the sacred right of others to discern their own path.

A Results Orientation

Alert and responsive to changing conditions, we support the best interests of this community in order to achieve dynamic levels of success.

Work-Life Balance

We are proactive and resilient in managing multiple workplace and home life demands and are actively pursuing the life we desire.

Just in Time Direction was founded in 2009  to support small business and entrepreneurial ventures with a wide menu of services and an innovative approach to staffing projects.  Just In Time Direction has grown into a mature organization dedicated to the needs of business owners who are overwhelmed by their own success.

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