Leaving Home Again and Claiming My Place….

We’ve all done it. Carved out a place at the kitchen table, set up a computer and called it a business. It can work. You get things done, and expenses are low. You can keep taking care of kids, fixing meals, laundry, and even emptying the dishwasher. Your work is a private endeavor that lets you feel like you haven’t completely stepped out of the world of work.

For some of us, the day comes when work is a more public endeavor. When we claim childcare, get our house cleaned, and dedicate our limited hours in a day to creating something that will last beyond the years when our kids are little. It is a courageous act to say you are going to build a career big enough to hold your dreams. It’s hard to do that carving out a space in the lives of your family.

The truth is we learn and evolve together in conversations, connecting, working together collaboratively, and opening doors for each other. We don’t get better isolated at home. In the new world order, this is a given. You can participate in networking groups daily, and you can find your collaborative soul mates easily. They are looking for you. Together you’ll be able to do amazing things!

It’s been five years for me since I struck out on my own. It was a leap to leave a secure corporate job, and a year later I left the comfort of my kitchen table and got a tiny, shared basement office. Even in the cramped, dark spaces we had to fasten our seat belts. Two working together to build a real business is way more powerful than a dabbling solopreneur. After a year we’d outgrown the space and yearned to come above ground. An opportunity came to take on more space and staff and I am continually amazed at the momentum we have shaken loose. There is no reining in what has been unleashed here, and I know that I am getting exactly what I dreamed of when I started working for myself.