3 Reasons To Be Afraid of Being an Entrepreneur

Do you ever feel that it’s scary to be out in the business world alone?  What is it that is bringing that fear about?  Is it the fear of failure, because you are now an entrepreneur and if you fail you are the only one to blame?  Is it the fear of being successful?  Are you afraid if you succeed that you might become alienated from your current peer group?  Is it the fear of being a sole proprietor or entrepreneur and knowing that every task is ultimately your responsibility?  Or is it even scarier  to think that you have put your blood, sweat and tears into your business and the thought of turning any part of it over to someone else would just be a nightmare????

Here is what you should be afraid of:

  1. Losing sight of what matters. Think about it…..why did you start your own business to begin with? The most common response people have is, so they don’t have to work for someone else.   You probably were drawn to the thought of having the freedom to make your own schedule.  But if you are like many entrepreneurs, doing it on their own, how much free time do you really have?  Are you working on your business during the day and then in your business all night, while your family is involved with other things and you are sitting at your desk alone trying to figure out how to tweet your latest update?


  1. Losing money . As an entrepreneur you might be afraid of losing money by having someone else do a simple task that clearly you can do on your own.  Why should you pay an assistant to keep your schedule, prepare your documents or reply to basic emails when you can spend 2 – 3 hours a day doing it yourself?  Do you know that by doing the ‘basics’ yourself, you are losing even more money than you would if you had to pay someone else to do it?  How?  Because you could be spending your time more wisely.  You could be out networking, meeting with new clients or performing your real work without worrying about the little things.  Every minute that you spend on a task you can easily delegate to a capable virtual assistant is a minute that you are not building the successful business you started out to build.


  1. Wasting Time.  You might find as a new business owner, that it is even harder to manage your work life balance in the beginning.  You no longer have a boss or imposed deadlines, you are truly on your own.  That is probably the best and worst part of being an entrepreneur.  You have no one to report to and no one to keep you on task.  One of the best ways to overcome this is to find an accountability partner, someone that you check in with either weekly or bi-weekly to make sure that you are making the progress you desire.


Here at Just In Time Direction we can help with all of these scary issues.  We offer time management assistance, newsletter, blogs and social networking help, and business plans with weekly follow up.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation, don’t be afraid, we don’t bite.