Concrete Dreams: From Startup Fantasy to Reality

© Sandy Matzen -Dreamstime Stock PhotosThe safest dreams we experience are dreams with no hope of coming true…Living with the possible takes guts. ~ Seth Godin

I received a book for Christmas this year that I love, entitled What to Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin.  It’s a book about living your life on your own terms, which is so inspiring.  Seth Godin came up with a new term I really love–Concrete Dreams.  It is one thing to daydream about leaving the job you hate, or to play “what if…” about changes you could make that you’ll never initiate.  All of us have those friends that are painful to talk to because they focus on what they hate in their lives and never take the steps to do something with their frustration.  They are playing it safe, collecting a paycheck, and hoping for a big payoff after years in misery.


The business owners (or aspiring business owners) we work with at Just In Time Direction are seriously considering, or have already taken a leap of faith.  They have faith that the net will appear, and they will recognize it when it happens.  A new business startup is full of uncertainty, and the best laid plans will no doubt morph into something unexpected.  If you are game for it, you’ll be okay with that, and you’ll know the newborn business has a personality and it will get clearer as it interacts with the world.  Those of us who have had a few children, know the surprise of having a second child and realizing we haven’t really broken the universal code of child-rearing.  This new being is a new adventure that will have to be taken on its own terms.  That is what makes being a parent so rewarding–and it is what makes launching a new business so exciting for a business owner, too.


No matter what happens with our business on the skinny branches of concrete dreams, I’ll always be delighted to have taken the leap and buried my hands in the clay of starting a business.  The advisors, consultants, and small business experts that have helped us on our way have been invaluable.  There is a community of us out there, and we want to help each other succeed.  Every one us that lives with the possible and gives their Concrete Dreams legs, helps to forge a trail for those that follow.


If you are standing on the edge of living with the possible, we wish you every success in making the best choice and getting the guidance and support you need to fearlessly consider your options and making the best choice.