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Our Values


We work together to maximize each other’s strengths, respect each other’s perspectives, and assure that each other’s weaknesses are irrelevant.

Create Shared Success

We strive to achieve satisfying, profitable and mutually beneficial goals.


Our actions are aligned and consistent with our stated intentions and support the personal and professional standards we profess.

Integrity and Professionalism

We reflect positively on the organization and inspire trust by delivering on commitments, adhering to an unswerving moral code, and demonstrating dedication and dignity through our work, demeanor, and practices.


We are unencumbered by obligations, fears, prejudices, or habits as we joyfully choose our best next steps and respect the sacred right of others to discern their own path.

A Results Orientation

Alert and responsive to changing conditions, we support the best interests of this community in order to achieve dynamic levels of success.

Work-Life Balance

We are proactive and resilient in managing multiple workplace and home life demands and are actively pursuing the life we desire.

Just in Time Direction was founded in 2009 by Elizabeth Londo, who sought to support small business and entrepreneurial ventures with a wide menu of services and an innovative approach to staffing projects.  Launched from Elizabeth’s kitchen table, it has grown into a mature organization dedicated to the needs of business owners who are beginning to be overwhelmed by their own success.

With offices conveniently located just off of I-355 in Glen Ellyn, Just in Time Direction is positioned geographically as well as strategically to serve as a one-stop shop for your business needs and to be a natural partner in your businesses growth.

We are here to help! Contact us today at 630.858.5483.

Our Core Team

Elizabeth Londo, Founder

Elizabeth’s car looks like a traveling office suite. That’s because it is. Elizabeth’s life and her life’s work come together to feed and inform who she is. She doesn’t push, she initiates. She doesn’t react, she responds. And she doesn’t multitask. She relates.

Call her to arrange a printing job, and she helps you determine the answer to questions you were too busy or too green to count. Ask for help with a resume, and she gives you positive feedback—then also hooks you up with a website designer and business card provider.

Set up a lunch meeting, and you are likely to gain not only face time with Elizabeth, but an introduction to someone she thinks you should know. More often than not, she’s right.

“I’m kind of a maximizer,” says Elizabeth, drawing terminology from StrengthsFinders®. I love helping people determine their core strengths and find their purpose. That’s what’s so great about Just In Time Direction. I get to support people’s dreams.”

Elizabeth, who attended Illinois State University and Northwestern University’s School of Business, began her career by consulting with large businesses pursuing stable growth. After a hiatus spent raising her children—and using the time to run a daycare operation, launch an early learning initiative, and serve on the board of the United Way-supported Personal Development Center in Marshfield, Wisconsin—Elizabeth decided to lend her wisdom and experience to helping small businesses grow.

Moving back with her family from Wisconsin to her native Illinois, Elizabeth took on an HR role in the family businessstarted over 30 years ago by her father (entrepreneurship is in her blood).  There, she nurtured new talent and provided vision as the company transitioned to second-generation leadership.

Once the new family leadership was in place, Elizabeth set out to nurture other businesses and entrepreneurs on the verge of something big—or small. Just In Time Direction is the result.


Michael Londo

Michael is a man with a mission. When he takes on a project—whatever it may be—that project becomes a reflection of his integrity, commitment, and good judgment.

From his start in the credit industry, Michael has built a track record of accuracy, commitment, and hard work that led to a series of successes when he moved on to become a sales manager, marketing manager, regional manager, and vice-president.

In his native Wisconsin, Michael not only served as a regional sales manager for Weyerhauser Architectural Doors (now Marshfield Door Systems), he also developed relationships that linked the disparate professional worlds in Marshfield, Wisconsin. In addition to doing his job, he made his community a more livable place.

Since moving back to Illinois, Michael has worked as a Regional Manager for Healthier Choice Flooring, where he increased regional sales by 60 percent in the first year and later more than doubled the company’s regional market. He also served as Vice-President of Sales for G. W. Merczal, where he redirected the company into niche markets, which focused its activities and increased its market penetration.

The husband of Just In Time Direction founder Elizabeth Londo, Michael has a passion for achievement, a lively curiosity about the world, and a good nature that wins over the surliest of cynics. He is a man who can find the solutions you need.


Linda Kooper

It’s safe to say that drive is what drives Linda Kooper. Linda is a power administrator for whom no job is too big or too small. She describes herself as “a strong planner and problem solver,” one of those people who can juggle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines without compromising  quality.

Linda began her post-college professional life as a self-described computer geek. Pragmatic to the core, she knew that her work at Cincinnati Bell/Convergys would pay off college, teach her new things, and make her—well . . .indispensable!

Linda began in quality control and worked her way up through customer service, then Systems Analyst.  She continued working as a Systems Analyst at Genisys Consulting, placed as a consultant at the Board of Trade, then took time off to have kids. For Linda, though, ‘time off’ meant raising her kids and working as a sales advisor for a jewelry company and developing marketing materials and recruiting and creating incentives with an eye to keeping talent and growing the organization.

While serving in those roles, she was tapped by Just In Time Direction. JITD noted that multiple roles suit Linda. They enrich her palette of professional skills because she treats every project as a personal project and every client as family.

Holding it all together is Linda’s sense of humor, impeccable timing, and unremitting personal warmth. She remembers the person behind the project, and that’s who she is committed to serve.

Holly Lake

Holly is consummately versatile. She is a crackerjack administrator with all the requisite computer skills. But she also has a knack for the in-person diplomacy required to manage travel plans, calendars, and meetings.

She is a prudent steward of resources who has served as a site manager, a financial manager, and a financial service coordinator. And she is a people person who can juggle the twin responsibilities of Human Resources Management: service to employees and to the organizations that employ them.

Holly began her professional life as a runner for Dru Stock and Options at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. She was quickly promoted to office manager there, and when the partnership for which she worked split in two, both companies kept her on. After one of the two firms moved to New York, Holly kept the other as a client and opened her own administrative services firm. She ran an active, growing practice until the financial services crisis after 9-11 shut down many of her clients.

Never a one-trick pony, Holly responded to new conditions by opening herself to new directions. She brought her skills to bear in the spa industry, a construction business, and a local flavor company. Financial equilibrium restored, her entrepreneurial side kicked back into gear, and she became an administrator for Just In Time Direction—while she and her husband began building a corporation on the side.

Whether she is arranging pet services, household organizing services, or your next quarterly meeting, Holly’s keen sense of order and her commitment to service guarantee that her work will be made to order.